Revealed: 2 fruits that Helps You Go 30-40 Mins of KEREWAWA

Dr Segun,


Do you know that research shows that over 30 Million men can’t do KEREWAWA well in Nigeria becasue of small BLOKOS &  2 mins manliness and this have led to thousands of broken home, damaged marriage and unhappy men roaming about the country.

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Just Like Most Nigerian Men, I Use to think “being good on bed” was not an important issue until…


“I Caught my Wife Being Drilled By My Aboki Gate Man”

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Do You Have a Tiny Blokos?

Are you A 1 Mins Man?

Is your Marriage almost hitting a Brick Because of Your Poor KEREWAWA performance?

Cry no more and I will show help you overcome this matter once and for all.


Who Am I?


My name is Dr Segun Davies I’m a specialist on bedroom matter & a Blogger on


Today I will reveal to you how to use 2 fruits to fit your weak erection problem.


The was discovered during my search for the ultimate cure to my small John Brosko and 2 mins manliness  issue and I think you will find it useful too.


It worked like magic for me and I feel it will work for you too.


So What Are this Amazing Secret Fruits?  


Water Melon AND Lemon=> Natural Viagra!


Why Water Melon?


According to Web MD, watermelon has a special Amino Acid called “Citrulline” which improves blood flows  & makes your Blokos harder  during “action”.

A Harder Blokos means a longer time!


What of Lemon?


Lemon is also high in vitamin c and also contains natural ingredients like calcium and other hidden ingredient that makes you act more like a man during kerewawa.

A combination of watermelon and lemon is guaranteed to give you a solid erection!


How to You Use them?


Very easy…


Step 1: Buy 1 watermelon and a bunch of Lemon


Step 2: slice the watermelon and Put it in a blender


Step 3: Squeeze the 5 Lemon in the same blender too.


Step 4 Blend them All together.


Step 4 Boil the Mixture for 2o Mins


Step 5: let it cool off a bit and drink it some hours before Action1


Step 6: You know step 6 already!


With this Natural solution you should be able to go for 30-40 mins on kerewawa.


The down side of this is that some times it take time to start working, so why not get something that works almost intermediately?


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When I tried watermelon and Lemon, it took me 3 hours for me to start seeing the effect.


As if that’s not enough, what shall it profit a man with a hard Blokos that is as small as a pencil?


So A friend of mine introduced me to a powerful cream that gave me a massive BLOKOS like a real cucumber  so I hurriedly got it.

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He also showed me a fast action spray that works INSTANTLY for  2 mins manliness to last longer.


I was so shocked at the fast action of this GAME CHANGER

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                                                                           “This Was A Game Changer!”

With this life changing 2-in-1 Solution, I discovered I was able to help so many clients become happy men…and I also saved my new relationship from crashing, as a healthy  relationship one with a good KEREWAWA colabo!


Don’t wait till your wife leaves you for one  “Otondo”  man, click here and discover how to be a better man who can last long a solid john brosko.


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Till we meet Next week, I still remain Dr Segun

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