Do You Really Want a Python Size Blokos?


Welcome to my World my country man,

To say I don’t understand your plight is an understatement. 

This is because I have been there and I know how it feels. But I,m here to help you if you are ready to help yourself.


You see, I had a small blokos when I was small and I didn’t even know the effect not until I started University.

I was a very fine boy and I knew how to “toast” babes. BUT after all the toasting and teasing, when it comes to

“bedmatics” I was so poor I make girls instantly  sad!


All because I have a small manhood and I don’t last for more than 5 Mins.


I became a laughing stock among the ladies as they gossip about my small  “HB Pencil” and my 2 Mins Manliness.


It got so serious I became a Sexless Enoch for good 6 years.


Not until I meet the woman of my dream, Who was even a virgin.

And I even fucked up as she slept with my aboki gate man because I had a small blokos!

I almost committed sucide!

(For the record I beat the Aboki Man to Stupor!)


I had to divorce her because I can’t stand the feeling of entering an “honey Hole” my low life

gate man have entered although I cause it,  because I have not been satisfying her sexually

It was at that moment I knew I had to do something about my hopeless sexless life.

I tried so many Pills.

No Show!

I tried creams, my man, instead of it to increase my manhood size, it was shrinking it!

I was so frustrated, I was thinking of surgery But guess what?

I can’t stand someone slicing my Blokos!


That’s when my best friend Tobi introduced me  to a working solution called Handsome Up EXTRA.

This is an original penis pump that increases the size of  your small manhood without any stress.


All you need is just 10 mins of daily pumping,and in less than 2 weeks you’ll see changes.


See it Here=>

I tried it, and it worked MAGIC for me.


As if that’s not enough, he introduced me to one premature ejaculation spray called “Indian god Oil” and I tell you that PE Spray have KILLED my Pre-Ejac in less than a 2 weeks!


Me the ex 2 mins man now goes for as long as 40 mins.


The BEST part is that there is no side effect at all & It’s approved by NAFDAC.


Although I brought them into the country for as High price N55,000 but You’ll be getting it for HALF the price.

It’s not for everyone but if you want it it’s JUST N20,000 and it comes with free delivery!

Here’s How to Order

Text the following information below as sms:

1, Your Full Name,

2, Your well detailed address (please NOT P.O.Box) and;

3, Your State and Local Government

2 Phone numbers so I will notify you.

Send This Information to 0812-6546-141

Once I receive your details, our partner courier company will bring the item to your address in 3 – 5 days!

For your privacy, I have packaged the device in a way that no body will know what’s inside it except you!

Cool Right?


But you’ll be dulling yourself by not taking action right away as the remaining pcs will not last the next 5 days.


NOTE: Your address Must Include Local Government and State. Detailed Enough to make it traceable by our courier company that will come around to deliver to you!

Our Agent Will Call You within 24 hours to Verify Your Order Before we Parcel It Across to You.


Once We receive your Text Message, My Agent Will Put A Call Across to you!

The Product Will Be Delivered to you Within 2-5 Days after our agent called you.
If you have any question about this, Kindly Put a call Across to 08126546141 I will GLADLY answer all your questions!


Your Fellow Country Man,

This 2-in-1 secret worked for me, and I KNOW they will work for you, and I guarantee that if they don’t I will give you your money back and even ask you to keep them.

Just go HERE=>

and read how to get it.

Cheers to Your Long Blokos!

Uncle Shegun



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