What is Fatai Rolling Dollar Man Power Sex Secrets?


Fatai Rolling Dollar was a Nigerian Juju musician before he died in 2013.

This man was known to boast about his sexual prowess and how he can outperform younger men in bed even at his old age!

He even fathered 15 children.

That means he is not only strong in bed. He is DAMN fertile despite the fact that he used to be smoke.

So, how do I know about his sex secrets?


Actually, these secrets are not just his sex secrets.


The same reason why he is sexually strong at his old age is the same reason why some other old men are sexually strong at their old age.


So, while I do not know Fatai personally, I know other old men with excellent sexual performance…

…and one of them is even an alcohol addict.


He drinks whiskey and Cmans Schnepp like crazy and he has been drinking it for a long time.


Now, don’t get me wrong. Before you run off to start smoking and drinking alcohol, you need to know that those habits may destroy you!


Everyone on this earth was not created the same way.


With that settled, so why would an old man perform sexually at 80 years of age while a 40 year old man is struggling with things like:

Weak/No erections

Loss of stamina

Poor sexual performance?


The REASON is simple.

In most cases, that old man has a strong heart and a strong liver.

You may read that sentence again.

Now like I have always said – I am not a doctor.

I originally learnt everything I know about men’s sexuality and performance for myself.

Not to share them with people.

I only started to share them when I realized that a lot of men are struggling with these things.

Got that?

Let’s go back to the issue of a strong heart and strong liver.

If you have those 2 things, chances are that you will LIVE a LONG and HEALTHY LIFE…that is if you are not hit by a truck (by God’s grace, you won’t die an untimely death)

In section 2 of the Ultimate Man Power Guide which I will launch in 2 days time, I talked about the secret to having a killer and healthy sex life. Having a healthy heart and healthy liver are one of those things.

Have you heard of men between the ages of 45 – 65 who died of heart attack while having sex?

Remember OJB Jezreel?

The music producer who when around begging for N7 Million years ago because he wanted to do a liver transplant?

I can tell you 2 things about such men:

They were probably using some heavy sex drugs to force their bodies to function.

They have a poor heart that finally gave up because it was been forced to do heavy work (sex is an activity that requires the body to use a lot of energy and blood)

Any man with a strong heart will be able to effortlessly pump blood throughout the body. This is essential not only for adequate sexual performance but for healthy living.

That is about the heart.

Let’s talk about the liver.

I won’t go into details about how important your liver is and the work it does in your body but have you ever stopped to ask yourself why people take stuffs like herbs, agbo, jedi etc to cure back pain or weak sex performance?

I am talking about stuffs like ALOMO Bitters…or the casual Jedi mixture that people buy and take to get strong sexually.

I will tell you….

One of the things those herbs are supposed to do is to detoxify your body and remove a lot of junks and toxins to enable your liver to function better, (Compare this to when a good mechanic cleans a car engine and removes all the dirt and junk that is in it, you know how it will start to work effectively?)

Unfortunately, a mixture like Alomo bitters (and other similar mixtures) have a lot of alcohol that would even give your liver more job to do and at the end, the herbs won’t be able to produce their normal results.

And…I don’t blame the manufacturers, if they put those herbs alone there, nobody would probably buy and drink it.

That is why they had to mix it with a lot of alcohol.

Following me?


So, what these old men do is to detoxify their bodies on a consistent basis since when they were younger and to get rid of excess sugar in their blood.

Do you know what that leads to?

You got it…


It leads to a STRONG Heart and Healthy Liver.


And there are different ways to do the same thing effectively.


Some old men (like the one I referred to in paragraph 11 of my Ultimate Man Power guide which I will launch in 2 days time) have vast herbal knowledge to do it using their very effective herbs.

Unfortunately, that is why a lot of people now dupe others of their hard earned money selling useless herbs and concoctions that do nothing but harm your body system…and people buy them like there is no tomorrow because they do not know better.

Get and maintain a STRONG heart and Healthy Liver – That is One of the SECRETS to ManPower.

The secret of old men who can outperform young men sexually.

I treated my way of doing this in Sections 2 – 3 – 7 -8 and 9 of the Ultimate Mam Power guide , which I plan to release in 2 days time.

This guide will take you by the hands and show you how to regain your Man Power, and be the man you have always wanted to be.

It’s an ebook which you can read from the comfort of your home or office on your Laptop, Ipad, or even mobile phone.

With manpower at your finger tip, you’ll lose all those annoying sexual problem like Weak Erection, Poor Libido, Poor sexual performance.

As Ultimate man Power will solve the problem from the very root of the course.

So ensure you are fully ready to grab your copy when it’s out so you too can have a strong man power too.

Cheers and Have a Nice Day

You Friend

-Uncle Deji



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