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Finally You'll Escape Your Woman Looking At You Like This After Sex!


Mine used to Look Like that... but the  2-in1 Natural Solutions Change That For Me... (and over 2,450 other guys) 

Dr Segun Here,


My Country Man

Before 2015 I used to have two very disturbing Twin sexual problem that almost ruined my life? 

Guess Them?

                               “Premature Ejaculation & Small Manhood!”              

My brother, these “two Edged” problem showed me hell  on earth!

I felt like a useless man...

In fact I don’t even want my worst enemy to experience the shame I faced.

I think you need to hear my story to see how it all happen and know what I did to cure them...

YES, I am an handsome guy..

BUT down there I used to have an Tiny Ugly Blokos!  

Please tell me, what’s the difference between me and a castrated dog?

As if that was not enough...

Even if I was able to hang out with a hot babe and I tried everything I could to make sure she fell what is left of my needle like penis,  before you count 1,2,3 I would have ejaculated…


Getting hot babes was not a problem for me, in short I was a very good “toaster”, heck my friends respect me for that. 

       "BUT I Was Not a Good Finisher!"

All thanks to my premature Ejaculation and Needle manhood matter.

After  lot of embarrasing relationships & Name  calling  by unsatisfied girls who have felt how tiny my thing was (Oh Gods...one babe even called me Mr Pencil Dick!)

I decided to go by the way of the Lord...


-I became a sexless enuch! 

So  I met the love of my life…sister Janet.

We where so in love with her that I could practically DIE for her.I mean ANYTHING because, she was a very good & amazing girl


She Was a Virgin!


I knew I had met my wife. To cut the long story short after courting for a while we got married. 


It was a BIG society wedding...we painted the Village Red!


(Unknown to us the villages witches have got us!)


So, on the day of our honey moon, something crazy happened... 


While on our honey moon, and it was time for me to do the “main thing”. She started kissing me and I started working on her…you know…foreplay stuffs.

She was turned on, it was time to “enter the place”, she tried feeling my manhood and NOTICED how small they were, the look on her face said it all, but she could not talk...

So I tried entering her....

Bros see, it took me like 30 mins to “disvirgin” my wife.

"I Ruined Our First  Sex  Because Ejaculated in less than 2 Minuits WITH my Small Manhood!"

             She was SAD & DISAPPOINTED!

She was weeping...regreting why she married me.


On the night of our Honey Moon!


If you were a woman won’t you start crying?


Men....I had to apologise to her for the sloppy sex and told her bullshits like sex is not everything in a marriage.


I was lying....

She Didn't Say a Thing For over 7 months!

I thought she was okay with our Sex, not until a terrible incident happened.


 This is where the “Aboki-Gateman” Wahala Came in! 

I used to have this black dirty gateman who man’s my gate. After some months, I noticed my newly married wife was always nice to him, she gives him food, treats him well.


At first I was impressed, thinking she’s a kind hearted person.....


Unknown to me, he have been eating “MY FOOD!” To cut the story short. 


  “My Aboki  Gate Man Have Been Banging 

 My Wife  Under My Roof!”


That day, just when  I was about getting to the office, I  remembered I forgot an important document. So I rush back home.  


Only to  discovered that my Gateman giving my OWN Wife Doggy Style on MY matrimonial bed!   I went mad!


Men I was mad! I used a leather belt to beat the living day light in him!


As for my wife? 


I just ignored her, she kept begging me but I just totally ignored her.


At the end I sent her packing. And I divorced her.


A close friend of mine, who also happened to be my friend too, told me she was so disappointed in her actions and asked her WHY she did what she did.


Here’s what my Ex-Wife Said:


“See, my husband has a small Manhood and the Aboki’s Own

is long and huge. He have never satisfied me sexually since we got married,

That’s why I did What I Did. But I’m so ashamed of myself now...”  


Then I knew I had to do something to this Tiny penis issue or I will just be losing my partners to never to do wells who can hammer them with a huge tools.


So I went out with full force to look for a lasting solution to my Small Penis Wahala.


I took so many foul smelling herbs and concoctions.  NO SHOW!


I tried some annoying exercise. NADDA!


I even to see an orologist (doctor who specialize in Penis issues) and he was telling me that I have to do corrective surgery.

"Surgery Kwa!!?"

Which means I have to "slice" my tiny blokos and make him do some abrakadabra on it before it will become bigger and longer.


"Haaa! I’m Doomed!"

I thought to myself.....

I almost gave up, thinking I will have to remain a sexless enouch and be sexless for the rest of my life. But..


"AT LAST: I discovered a Lasting Solution to My Tiny Blokos and 2Mins Man Problem!"


So Baba God finally answered my prayers.


           How did it happen?


I was chatting with an old pal of mine on facebook, his name is Tobi Ogunsheye so during our conversation I told him about my plights.

At first he laughed at me like I was saying nonsenses... 

But he later told me that he also had the same problem but a friend in the UK introduced him to a powerful gel that cureed his small penis problem by just rubbing it on his manood! 


At frist I DIdn't Belive it At All..

But to  cut the long story short, he gave me a DIRECT link to get the product  from Japan for a cheap price of N28,000 PLUS I also paid DHL N8,000 for shipping cost, i.e N38,000.


Who Else Want the 2-in-1 Solution Today?


“The Amazing 2-in-1 Solution”


This is an powerful combo of these 2 miracle working solution to your chronic premature ejaculation & small manhood problem.


“(#1) XXL Enlargement Gel”



XXL Gel is an extremely potent penis enlargment gel that INSTANTLY gives you a massive “Python” size blokos that will make your woman scream anytime you drill her.


It contains 100% herbal ingredient and it’s used by rich and powerful men all over American & Britain who want to have a bigger egg plant!


It gave me  6inch in like a just 3 weeks.

Do you want a Python Sized manhood that will make her scream when ever they pop out?


Is she complaining that your manhood is small with her faces?


Then get this Gel & use it as prescribed, she will be the one begging you to stop!


**It cost’s me N20,000 to bring it in (he actually got 2 pcs)


                  (#2) Indian god Oil (AKA 2 Mins Manliness Killer)


Indian god oil spray is an 100% Natural Premature ejaculation spray instantly allows you to last as long as 40 mins on any woman.


Use this and watch how your woman worshiping you, because you’ll be able to drill her honey pot for as long as 40 mins to take her to “cloud 9”!


With Indian god Oil spray, you are sure to last long so that you can try different styles with her (she will even be the one to give you styles!)


Get this Spray & use it as prescribed, she will be the one begging you to stop!


See what some of the people who have used it are saying...

     "She’s Now Obsessed With My Manhood!"

Dr Segun,

I Got your 2-in-1 Terminator last 3 weeks as promised and I’ve been trying it as instructed.

I used to have a 3 inch penis, firstly I observed that I’ve added an EXTRA 5 inch!

As if that’s not enough, my wife who used to refuse me of sex because I used to have a small penis Is now a sex addict!

I used to literarily BEG her for sex, now I am the one who beg madam oh!

She said she feels my manhood now and she can’t just get enough of it. All thanks to the XXL GEL!

-Thank You Shegun.

Dayo from Osun State

  "Amazing  Result In Less Than 2 Weeks!"

Hi, Shegun I just started using the XXL GEL & INDIAN GOD OIL for the past 2 weeks.

First thing I noticed was that I had instant increase in girth in less than a week!

As if that’s not enough my penis just started growing bigger like an iroko tree.

I’m exited to how this  new  unfolds!

Any time I get an erection I notice women around taking a peep at my “Kondo” And I am always happy!

There is nothing bad about this device and it’s healthy.

Thanks for this discovery man. I owe you one!

-Emeka from  Anambra

When I used my new Mamba on her she was so happy, but I could not last 2 mins! 


I ran to my Badoo padi-Tobi, he Hooked me up with his secret to Lasting Longer on bed!


The Premature Ejaculation Killer called "Indian god Oil" AKA "P.E Killer!"

"Now You Can Earn Her Respect & Last Long Like A Sex God!" 


If you shoot within within 5 mins, or you have low libido, then this is JUST for you.


If you CUM at the sight of your woman or Smell of her Pussy cat, this is JUST for You. 


With this POTENT 100% Natural  premature ejacuation Killer , you can fire anything fireable for over 40 min, without spilling those whitish substances.


It KILLS it shap shap from the root and you will STOP having premature ejaculation forever and ever. 


It attacks the cronic problem from the root and give you man power too!


 It will KILL You Poor Libido

It Will Kill Your Weak Erection

It Will Kill Your Bad Stamina

It Will Kill You Staph


In short to show how POTENT this is, you it, in 14 days if you DONT see result, call me up & I will refund you full money and even tell you to keep it!


But I never regreted it as it did what it's ment to do... 




                 Now you Can give her ELETRIC SEX and make her go gaga


  At Last...No More 2 Mins Man Wahala!

It felt so sweet, she was so happy with me, and I was so happy with my performance.


I used this premature ejaculation killers for like 2 weeks and I noticed that my premature ejaculation problem was gone, I could go as long as 40 mins.

But the question is....

"Are You Going to Be Among the LUCKY 57 People That Will Get this 2-in-1 Solution Today?"


The answer depends on how fast you act today..But before I tell you how to get it. I just want you to know that what you are getting is FAR more valuable than the actual cost.


XXL Gel cost me N20,000 per pcs, while the "Indian god Oil" cost over 18,000 per 1 which does not even include shipping fees! 


So if I was to sell it I should be selling both of them I will sell them for a wooping  N42,000 per pcs PLUS shipping fee of 10,000  give or take.



But if I do so I will NOT be helping you it will be a full blown business, but I am just a sexual health activest who want's to help his fellow country man.


                             So how much will this 2-in-1 Solution Cost You? 

If  you want both  XXL Gel & indian god oil the  Pre-Ejaculation Killer to your door step  is  JUST...

 "N23,000 ONLY!"


 BUT, If you want JUST one of them..


(1) XXL Gel ==>  N15,000 Flat (Instead of N25,000)


(2) Indian god Oil ==>  N15,000 (Insted of N27,000)


to top it up....


"If You Place Your Order Today, I will Bribe You With This Fast Action Bounus  You'll Will Think You are Having a Wet Dream!"  

  Fast Action Bonus!

Massive Blokos Secret!

 Apply the powerful Manhood Enlargement Techniques in this E-guide Using  XXL Gel, I promise, you’ll get a Massive Blokos…GUARANTEED!

                                                           How to Have Electric Sex!

                                                            (Value: N7,500)         



 "As if That's Not Enough You are Covered with My             NO STORY 60 Days money back Guarantee!"                                          


Because I want you to see how POTENT this 2-in-1 Solution is, If You Order this 2-in-1 Solution today, I will Put Your Money in a Specal Account That Will NEVER Be Torched, Use it for 60 Days and If You Don't See ANY Chnages, Call Me, Message Me, I will Return Your Money ASAP and Appologise for Wasting Your Time.

I Promise...

This is how much TRUST I have in this product.

So have no fear go ahead and get it..

But You Have to Act Fast As this Offer Last for Only...

5 Working Days!  

After that I’ll then sky rockects back to N39,000! 


And give it to a MAJOR marketing company to help me promote it major websites online and Newspapers all over nigeria and trust me people will RUSH it!


But You Have that Early Bird Oppurtunity,  so why not save yourself some money and get it for JUST N25,000 today?


Yes You heard that...

N20,000: Including the Awesome "Massive Blokos Secret" Instant Bonuses I will also send to you! 

                       How to  Order for Your 2-in-1 Solution Today!


Just Send the below SMS Info to=> 0812-6546-141


 Send  the info below  a  SMS  to = => 0812-6546-141

 ***2 in 1 solution* (if you want JUST 1 item do this:-**XXL GEL**/**Indian god oil**) ***Your Name*Your Delivery Address*Local Govt*Active Phone No. *

All to=> 0812-6546-141 


As soon as you do that, our Courier Agent will  bring it down to your location ASAP.


Send This Information to 0812-6546-141

Once I receive your details, our partner courier company will bring the item to your address in 3 - 5 days!


"Fear Not My Brother!" 

"To Elimiate Fear of Being Scammed We ONLY Offer Cash on Delivery to Any Part of Nigeria!"


This means you will only pay when this product has been physically brought down to you face-to-face by our courier company.

We call it ==> Pay on Delivery!

                          "Payment on Delivery Is Accepted All Over The Nation!"

For your privacy, I have packaged the device in a way that no body will know what's inside it except you!

Cool Right?

But you'll be dulling yourself by not taking action right away as the remaining pcs will not last the next 5 days.

Here's How to Place your Order today...

Simply text the following info below as sms:

                       How to  Order for Your 2-in-1 Solution Today!


Just Send the below SMS Info to=> 0812-6546-141

 Send  the info below  a  SMS  to = => 0812-6546-141

 ***2 in 1 solution* (if you want JUST 1 item do this:-**XXL GEL**/**Indian god oil**) ***Your Name*Your Delivery Address*Local Govt*Active Phone No. *

All to=> 0812-6546-141 



As soon as you do that, our Courier Agent will 

bring it down to your location ASAP.

Once I receive your details, our partner courier company will bring the item to your address in 3 - 5 days!


NOTE: Your address Must Include Local Government and State. Detailed Enough to make it traceable by our courier company that will come around to deliver to you!

Our Agent Will Call You within 24 hours to Verify Your Order Before we Parcel It Across to You.



Lagos==> 24-48 Hours

National==> 3-5 working Days

Once We receive your Text Message, My  Agent Will Put A Call Across to you!

The Product Will Be Delivered to you Within 2-5 Days after our agent called you.

If you have any question about this, Kindly Put a call Across to 08126546141 I will GLARDLY answer all your questions.


Your Fellow Country Man,

Dr Shegun  


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