The Secret Towel Hanging Trick That Helps You Get a Bigger And Stronger Penis



5 years ago, If anyone told my it’s possible for one to have a big manhood I would have said it’s a big lie.

The reason being that I used to so worried about the size of my manhood and I was so depressed.


I tried anything that promised to help me increase the size of my man-hood.

I Lost my ex-wife cos of my small blokos, and a was almost losing my new Girl friend…

Bought pills, drugs and just about anything that could at least give me an extra inch.
In fact, I would have gone for risky surgery if he had the money to spend on it.

It was from this experience that I learned that some creams and pills are total scams!

So…when I added an extra 3 inch with a simple blokos enlargment workout I was so exited and I was happy!

With the help of Handsome Up EXTRA I even added an EXTRA 4 inch making it over 7 inch!

  • Now my girlfriend will never complain of my having a tiny manhood agian.
  • She will not nag any more.
  • And I will be able to drill her like never before.

It’s from this success I had to help some other people who have the same problem.
and the results we just astonishing!

Here Is The First Testimony I Got Earlier this Year From a Customer Who Used the Workouts:

Thank you so Uncle Deji.

I could not believe when I tried the
Technics for enlarging ones dick and it works!
It was my wifey  who was so surprise about the enhanced size  
but I did not tell her what happened.

Thanks a Boss!
So many people doubt the efficacy of my manhood enlarging technique.
Maybe it’s becasue of the highly private nature my subject.

It is very difficult to convince people especially since I have to keep the identity of my customers private.

I just had to put that in to let you know that if you also do not believe the things I am saying, I do not blame you.

But you’ll be missing a very big opportunity  to increase the size of your manhood if you don’t get this guide.
Why or How Do These Techniques Work to Increase The Size of The Penis?


These techniques work because unknown to you, the penis is made up of some muscles that
can actually get increase in both length and girth when exercised.

All one has to do is to use the RIGHT set of exercises to gently cause these muscles to grow.

Notice the word “RIGHT” in the above statement.


And these techniques reminded me of what happened when I was in the boarding school.


When I was in JSS3, there were these set of guys who would constantly play a stupid game that was developing their penis muscles.

By the time we were in SS2, all the guys had huge “dicks”


I thought it was natural but I now know better.


Here Are Some Important Things You Have to Know  If You Really Want to Get a Bigger and Stronger Penis


There are some facts that I have learnt over  the years about how the penis system works and
I think you should know them as well.

The first thing you need to know is that there are 4 types of gainers when it comes to penis growth.

When I say gainers, I mean ability to increase in size.

So, specifically, there are 4 groups of men in this case.

Here they are:

4 Kinds of Penis Size Gainers

There are men who are able to easily increase both length and girth of their penis fast.

-There are men who can easily increase the length of their penis.

-There are men who easily increase the girth (thickness) of their penis and….

-There are men who are slow at increasing both length and girth of their penis.


How do you know which of the 4 groups you belong to?

Well, you can’t until you start trying it out.


There are also 2 groups of men with it comes to their  penis sizes when it is flaccid and when it is erect.

Here they are:

Are You a Grower or a Shower?


A “grower” refers to men with small flaccid penis that grows when it is erect.


The average flaccid size of a grower is usually around 0 to 25 percent of its erection level.


A “Shower” refers to men whose penis are big at flaccid levels and doesn’t enlarge much upon erection.


The average flaccid size of a shower is generally about 50 -60% 79% of men are growers and 21 percent of men are showers.


I hope this gives you the answer to some of the questions you may have at the back of your mind as regards the size of your own penis.


Let me now move on to the towel hanging trick that can help you to get a bigger and stronger penis.


This towel hanging trick is one of the exercises in the full penis enlargement workouts.


How to Apply the Towel Hanging Trick Exercise


NOTE – To do this towel hanging exercise, your penis must be erect.


Here are the Simple Steps Involved:

STEP 1 – Hang a small towel over the erect penis. See pix below:


STEP 2 – Use the erect penis to raise the penis,
then lower it, then raise it up again. See pix below for illustration:


STEP 3 – Repeat this 30 times.


There you go!


So easy to do….


You can go ahead and start try the workout now…


If You Want to Add an Extra 1 – 4 Inches to Your Penis Size…Here Is Something Better…


Then you need to check out the “Handsome Up EXTRA” a device that can give u an extra 5 inch in less than 14 days.


The exercise I showed you above is just ONE  Penis seize enlarger exercises in the, BUT the “Handsome UP Exta” Boosts your man hood i forever in a very short period!


No one talks about these things openly.


But if you want it ASAP just do this…

Do this:

Text the following information below as sms:

Your Full Name_Address_State & Local govt_

Active Phone No.

To  0812-6546-141


My courier company will bring the item

to your address in 3 – 5 days.

This will cost you 22k ONLY


For your privacy, I have packaged the

device in a way that nobody will know

what’s inside it except you!


Any question about “Handsome Up EXTRA“?


Go one and ask me in the comment box…


If you have questions about the penis enlargement techniques, use the comment form below to ask me about it.

You may decide not to use your real name, there is no problem about that.


Have a Pleasant Day.


Uncle Shegun

Your Sexual Activist


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