Who Says You can’t get Rid of Black Spots?

Exclusive: How a 2,000 yrs Old Japanese Secret Can Help You Get Rid of Black Spot & Acne

2,000 yrs ago,  Japanese beauticians discovered a very effective way to deal with all kind of scars, black spots & even acne.

This secret was so powerful, that they hid it from the outside world not until the the “internet” age came.


So what’s this Japanese Beauty Secret? 


The Japanese call is ‘BAHYU’.


What is Bahyu?

In English it’s call ‘Horse Oil’ and  it’s the final result of the body fat extracted from a horse and it’s contains 100% black spot fading agents.


In Japan “Horse Oil” has been widely known as a home remedy for burns, dry skin, cuts, chapped skin and hemorrhoids.


Horse Oil has been used safely without a doctor’s prescription, as it can be used in food and there are no side effects.


Traditional Chinese medicines also recommend using BAHYU to treat eczema and acne.


The good thing about it is that top “alternative” beauty product users praise the horse oil as a very good skin rejuvenation agent.


How does it Work?

The oil is derived from the fat of horses and contains high levels of alpha-Linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid (EFA) that cannot be produced by the human body.

The fatty acid composition of horse oil is very similar to our human sebum, making the oil able to deeply penetrate the skin without feeling greasy.

The enzymes and miraculous ingredients in the horse oil practically “eats up” the black spots in the affected area and “normalizes” the skin tone, thus, you can use it and get your skin to back.

Horse Oil is very effective for getting rid of black spots, acne and all sort of skin issues.


So How Can You Get Horse Oil?

Sadly, this ingredient is very very RARE as only companies who manufacture horse oil creams and soap have the authorization to get the horse oil cream.

So it’s not just available to very man and woman out there.

Where  can you get such soap & cream?

To practically get it, you’ll need to travel to Japan or buy in in the Japanese currency.

But I’ve got good news for you.

I took the stress of bringing into the country just 50 pcs of the Horse oil soap and horse oil cream brand that I used to deal with my black spot issues.

How Can You Can This Cream and Soap get it?

This Horse Oil Kit Popularly called “Snazi Horse Oil Kit” Have Worked Miraculously Well for Me, and I know it will work Well For You Too.


All thanks to my mother’s  sister who used to have all sort of black spots on her body but miraculously lost her black spots and dawned a fresh looking baby skin.


I had to beg her to show me how to get be like her before she showed me her secret



               “Snazi Horse Oil Kit”

A very Potent  Black Spot  eating kit Activated with Horse Oil, So Your Skin Will be As Smooth as a 1 Yr Old Babies Skin.

What’s The Content of The Horse Oil Kit?

This kit contains 2 major Package for permanent Black Spot Eradication…

#1  Horse Oil Cream

This is a cream made of 100% Natural Horse Oil extract and have been proven to help get rid of black spot by just applying it on the affected parts, in less that 4 weeks you’ll start seeing results your friends will only dream of having.


Use it for 4 good weeks along side the soap, and come out  radiant and brand new like a new born babies skin.


#2  Horse Oil Soap

This is YET another Miracle Working Black Spot Eradicating Soap which can either be used to have your bath or applied  on JUST affected part, it’s also made using horse oil  as the major ingredient, frequent usage of this amazing soap will help you look FRESH, keeps you FRESH and ensure all your pimples, acne & black spots are no more.


So I imported 2 Jars of the cream &  4 bars of soap which cost me a total of N80,000 + Shipping cost of over N10,000 via DHL

I.e over 90k for the kits right?


At first I did not see visible result, so I thought it was scam.


But after using the second Jar, the miracle kicked in…


  • Gradually all My Black Spots were fading off  for Good.
  • All My Acne Were Gone for Good.
  • All My Pimple Were no where to be found.

It was like a dream come true for me.

Now I can go out wearing that dream dress I have always loved to wear….be confident of myself and walk wit my head up high.


All thanks to the Japanese “Horse Oil kit”

I.e the  Horse Oil Soap and cream.


So some of my close friends and colleagues started asking for it, so I have to bring in some for them and in no time too..they too started sharing their success story.


So many people literately BEGGED me to show them the unusual solution I used to having a smooth spotless skin.


And since it’s imported, it wasn’t easy for them to get.


So, to reduce stress of getting it, the manufacturer in Japan reduced price of the product, but i had to pay for shipping.


but it also worked well for so many people too

Check Out Our Success Stories


and this….


As if that not enough, check out some of  my friends who have use this solution….


Folake Use to have severe Acne & Black spot, all thanks to the Black Spot Solution, she have all Reason to smile again.



This is my best friend Anita, see also had Spots and pimples but when she used the horse oil kit, and true beauty became very visible.

This is my own personal before and after pics, as you can see, you can practically see how it faded off gradually..


BEST PART: Good thing is that it’s Healthy & Good for all skin Types


  • It contains NO Lead & Mercury
  • It’s Alcohol Free
  • It Smells Nice & Has Fragrance In It
  • It’s Safe With No Side Effect

After my transformation I vowed to help Nigerian women who are suffering in silence from the torment’s their annoying black spot.


I’m very sure by now you can wait to lay your hands on this amazing cream.

This is the amazing solution that I use to cure my stubborn black spot  problem which I have been battling for over 8 years.


“Now Your friends Will Envy you….Adore You…& Want to be With You”

  • Imagine how FLAWLESS and SPOTLESS you’ll be when you use the both together?
  • Imagine the attraction it will bring you?
  • Imagine how presentable you’ll be because of this new secret?
  • Imagine how confident you’ll look when you attend that next “owanbe” party or Christmas or illaya gathering without bordering about any kind of black spots?

Just like me…if you use this 2-in-1 Amazing Skin Care Solutions which saved me from embarrassing situations, and I’m pretty sure  you’ll also be flawless and Spotless


The problem now is that we have just 47 lot in stock but we have a whole lot of demands..

(Some of our fans demanding for it)

If you want a 100% natural, no side effects solution to put an end to your annoying  black spot and all the wahala in once and for all in short 13 days… and prevent it from ever coming back; then…


Here’s How To Get It And Pay After The Product Has Been Delivered To You…

Horse Oil Kit (1 Cream & 2 Soaps)


(N24,000-Instead of N40,000!)

No Side Effect| FDA Approved| No Chemical Usage |100% Herbal

Just Interested in One of the Kit?

Here’s how to get them….

#1 Horse Oil soap ONLY


Option 1( 2 Bars)=> N13,000



#2 Horse Oil Cream ONLY


(1 jar=> N13,000)

To Eliminate Fear of Being Scammed We ONLY Offer Cash on Delivery & Free Shipping to Any Part of Nigeria.


So Hurry Up & send this info, as SMS to=> 0909-515-9064

**Horse Oil Kit**Your Full Name**Phone No.**Email Address**Delivery address**Loca Govt**State*


**E.g; “Horse Oil soap 0pt 1**Olubunmi Odion**08020002822**olubunmionline@gmail.com**62, Iyanaaja street*Kwara East LGA State*


Once we receive your details, one of our agents will confirm the order, and We dispatch your order.


**Delivery Time

Lagos=> 24 to 48 Hours

Out Side Lagos => 3 to 5 Working days


Remember we have only 47 slots.


So I really hope you don’t miss out in the 47 available slots.


As if that’s not enough..


You Are Covered By Sister Taiwo’s No Super Story, 90 Days Money Back Guarantee.

So fear not, get this 100% Natural  Black Spot & Acne solution, use it, and if it does not work within 90 Days, call us, send us a message & I will gladly refund your money.


But Don’t Lose this Golden Opportunity to get rid f those black Spots… as price will go up.


How to get it today:


Hurry Up & send this info, as SMS to=> 0909-515-9064

**Horse Oil Kit**Your Full Name**Phone No.**Email Address**Delivery address**Local Govt**State*


**E.g; “Horse Oil**Olubunmi Odion**08020002822**olubunmionline@gmail.com**62, Iyanaaja street*Kwara East LGA State


Once we receive your details, one of our agents will confirm the order, and We dispatch your order.


I think I have helped you on your black spot and acne issue with this write-up, it’s left for you to make that smart decision to luck down your slot, however kindly post your questions and comments below, thank you.


-Sister Taiwo


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